Ismail Industries Limited: A Family Legacy

Long before Ismail Industries Limited came into being, the family was associated with the biscuits and confectionary industry as Haji Ahmed Chamdia (the grandfather) had first set up a factory in Sukkur soon after the partition. That did not fair too well. Then in 1964 he and his four sons established Union Biscuit Private (Ltd) in Karachi. Soon it began successful distribution of its products throughout the country.

However after the death of their father (Mohammad Ismail) in 1983, the company was divided, due to which it could not survive and closed down. It was then that two of the sons, Mohammad & Maqsood Ismail, who had been closely associated with the business, took a courageous step and started Ismail Industries Limited from scratch. For that they imported an automatic plant from Germany, and operations began on 21st June, 1988. The third son, Miftah joined in 1994 after completing his Ph.D.

30 years on; its brands are a household name in the country today. It has an ISO 22000 certification as well as from SANHA (South African National Halal Authority), which is a prominent authority in Halal product certification all over the world. Also for the last two decades it has been exporting its products to over 40 countries in Africa, Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Australasia.

Ismail Industries Limited: Leading the Way

Who is not familiar with Candyland, Bisconni and SnackCity? They are all the Flagship brands of Ismail Industries Limited:

Candyland was launched in 1990. It was the pioneer soft jellies in Pakistan, followed by sweets, toffees, bubble gums, lollipops, chocolates and marshmallows. This is now the chief confectionary brand in Pakistan.

Bisconni was launched in 2002. It offers a variety of plain and sandwich biscuits, cookies as well as wafers. They entered the market with ‘Cocomo’ which are chocolate filled cookies that were a huge success. They are also pioneers of ‘Black Biscuits’ in Pakistan with introducing Rite.

SnackCity was launched in 2006. It offers a variety of crisps, peanuts and nimko.

Ismail Industries Limited: Showcasing Pakistan Internationally

It has had the opportunity to showcase its products and represent Pakistan in a number of leading Food Exhibitions mainly GulfFood (the world’s largest annual food trade show being held since 1995) and Sweets & Snacks Middle East (which is the only food trade show in MENA [Middle-East and North Africa region] focusing on sweets, snacks and confectionary being held since 2007).

Another Business Facet of Ismail Industries Limited

For the past 15 years Ismail Industries Limited has been manufacturing different kind of films such as CPP, BOPP and BOPET, which are extensively used in consumer packaging of beverages, cleaning products, cosmetics and food. Their two companies are: a) Astro Films, this was launched in 2003 b) Plastiflex Films (Pvt.) Ltd, to meet the ever growing demands of their customers, this was launched in 2010.

So it is clear that the commitment of Ismail Industries Limited to quality and innovation is the reason that it is a market leader. And it has certainly carved a place for itself in the Pakistani culture!








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