Castor sugar 150g

4 Eggs

Cocoa powder 4 heaped tablespoons

Cream 400g

Gelatin 4 leveled teaspoons

200ml milk


Beat together eggs and sugar, adding one egg at a time, until mixture becomes fluffy and thick. Place a little of the mixture in another bowl, and add cocoa to it and mix thoroughly. Add it back to the rest of the mixture, and make sure the cocoa is well blended. Then gently fold in all the cream to this.

In 200ml of milk add the gelatin one teaspoon at a time; stir well to mix a proper mixture. After 5 minutes, place this mixture in a pan, on medium flame. As soon as the gelatin is dissolved remove from heat. Let it cool, and then add this to the chocolate cream mixture and mix evenly. Pour it into a dish, and refrigerate for 2-3 hours till set. Serves 8 people.



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