100g butter (melted)

200g digestive biscuits crushed

500g curd cheese

200 ml double cream

3 leveled teaspoons gelatin

50 g castor sugar


Crush the biscuits to powder. Melt the butter, add to biscuits and stir well. Then press this mixture in the cake tin to form base. Cover and place in refrigerator. Make curd (with 2 liters milk, adding lemon juice of 3-4 lemons). Once made place this curd in a bowl and beat until smooth. Then add the sugar and mix well. Then gradually stir in the cream. Dissolve the gelatin in 200ml of milk, add the gelatin one teaspoon at a time; stir well to mix a proper mixture. After 5 minutes, place this in a pan, on medium flame. As soon as the gelatin is dissolved remove from heat. Let it cool, and then gently fold into this mixture. Then pour this on the biscuit base. Chill for about 2 hours. Garnish with fruit of your own choice.





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