Surah No 84: Al-Inshiqaq                                                       

Number of Ayats: Twenty-five

Meaning of the name: It is derived from the word ‘inshaqqat’ which occurs in ayat no1, meaning “the splitting asunder”.

Summary: This is Makki surah. To us the sky and the earth are entities that seem everlasting, yet we are told that when the Day will arrive, on Allah’s command the sky will split and the earth will become flat, and both will give up all their secrets and vanish! The reason is that they too, are subservient to Allah’s will and their existence depends on it.

We are reminded that our life on earth is of an ephemeral nature, and we should spend it in preparation of the eternal life. Therefore our life should be a constant struggle of trying to achieve spiritual excellence for which we will have to pass through different stages. It is those people who will be rewarded when they meet their Creator. While those who chased after this world and its attractions, rebelling against the message, will be punished severely and their state will be such that they will neither live nor die.

Surah No 85: Al-Buruj                                                           

Number of Ayats: Twenty-two

Meaning of the name: In ayat no 1, the word ‘Al-Buruj’ occurs which means “the big stars”.

Summary: This is Makki surah. With reference to the stars, it is mentioned in Sahih Al-Bukhari, vol 4, chapter 3 that “And We have adorned the nearest heaven with lamps, The creation of these stars is for three purposes i.e. as decoration of the heaven, as missiles to hit the devils and as signs to guide travellers. So, if anybody tries to find a different interpretation he is mistaken and just wastes his efforts and troubles himself with what is beyond his limited knowledge”.

Then a general reference is given to the persecutors of the people of faith in various time periods. Those men and women, who admitted that they believed in the message of Allah, underwent great suffering as they were treated most cruelly.

Yet Allah has a far greater punishment reserved for them on the Final Day, and there is no chance for the sinner’s escape. As the sky and all the big stars in it; as well as the Prophets, Angels and the limbs of the sinners; will all testify against them.

So they may reject the truth as much as they want, yet in the end they will be defeated by Allah. And all that is contained in the Glorious Quran is preserved, untouched by any human.

Surah No 86: At-Tariq                                                            

Number of Ayats: Seventeen

Meaning of the name: In ayat no 1, the word ‘At-Tariq’ occurs which means “the night comer”.

Summary: This is Makki surah. It is stated that if a man has true religious understanding then he has nothing to be afraid of, as he will have Allah’s complete protection and in ways that he doesn’t even know.

It is questioned that why is it so difficult to understand that if Allah can create everything in this world, then He can also bring back the dead to life. And on that Day everyone will be restored to their original form, and everything will be brought out in the open and nothing will remain hidden.

Though truth is hard to follow yet it is the only thing that is long-lasting, which can help us develop and grow. And Allah’s revelation is the only Truth, and by following it we can attain the highest standing in this world and in the Hereafter. And when we are faced with evil, we must remain on the right course with patience and firm belief in Allah; that He will deliver us from our difficulties. We should never assist or cooperate with evil, or fail to defeat it, if it is within our power. That is the downfall of man!

Surah No 87: Al-A’la                                                               

Number of Ayats: Nineteen

Meaning of the name In ayat no 1, the word ‘Al A’la’ occurs which means “those most high”.

 Summary: This is a Makki surah. We are told to glorify the name of Allah Almighty as He has created us and then granted us ways and ample opportunity to mature. He Has laid down the laws that allow us to live our lives easily and He Has further provided us with guidance on every aspect of life.

It is stated that the Holy Quran was revealed in stages so that gradually we would come to understand its message as well as learn it by heart so that we may reach the spiritual depths and never forget it. This was for our benefit, and whoever understands the message must proclaim it not just in words but through his actions so that others may learn as well.

It is reiterated that the essence of Islam was present in all the Holy Books that were bestowed upon the Prophets as well as their teachings. Most specifically; to be righteous, to worship one God as well as the importance and certainty of Hereafter was mentioned clearly.

Surah No 88: Al-Gashiyah                                                      

Number of Ayats: Twenty-six

Meaning of the name: In ayat no 1, the word ‘Al Gashiyah’ occurs which means “the Overwhelming Event”.

Summary: This is a Makki surah. As the name implies, the subject matter is the Day of Resurrection. It is clearly described how the sinners and the virtuous people will be treated that Day. It is stated that the Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is only a teacher and guide. He was not sent to command or punish anyone of his own will, and he only obeys Allah in all matters.


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