Some years ago I was working in an organization where a colleague of mine was physically handicapped. To a common observer it seemed that his legs were stiff, knee down, and so were his fingers. Therefore mounting two flights of stairs everyday to reach the office, and then spending most of the day working on the keyboard was no ordinary feat yet he did it with practical ease. His unwavering positive attitude was praiseworthy and he never made excuses for not having work done due to his condition, when most of us, able bodied people become thwarted at the slightest of ailments’, such as a cold and our productivity is effected likewise! These were the reasons that eventually compelled me to learn his story.

I found out that he had suffered a disease when he was only two years old which affected his legs and hands, but he was not sure what it was. However this disability did not deter him from getting educated. He overcame all the hurdles that had to encounter on his educational journey, and succeeded in completing his Masters in Computer Sciences (MCS). Then he started applying for jobs, but specified in his C.V that he was a ‘special person’. For this reason he never got called in for an interview. He still didn’t give up, and tried again but this time he removed ‘special person’ from his C.V. As a result he starting receiving calls, but most of them rejected him because of his disabilities and many a times he could not reach the place because he couldn’t cross the road or couldn’t climb stairs that were steep. Finally his hard work paid off as he was accepted for an internship at a software house, which ultimately paved a way for him to get a job here.

Despite having endured so many difficulties in life, his strength lies in his optimism, and I would like to quote his message “Everyone has to deal with problems; some have a greater share while others have to deal with less. However one should never give up, and in order reach your destination, one must keep on trying. For those who keep on trying, will indeed achieve their goal”

We can indeed learn a valuable lesson from his life story, for as a nation we have and are still facing many problems, but we have to fight all the visible and invisible forces with a strong conviction and sincerity of purpose. For without Pakistan, we are nothing. In its existence, is our existence. We must remain steadfast in our belief in Allah and should meet all challenges head on. In the words of Shiekh Abdul Qadir Jillani “Have faith in God the Omnipotent. Only He can restore crushed hopes and He indeed will create a way to deliver you from your hardships. Do not flee from your trials; patience in adversity is the foundation of all virtue. Patience is the foundation, and without a sound foundation you cannot build a monument.”







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