“There is enough for everyone’s need but there is not enough for everyone’s greed” – Mahatma Gandhi

Man’s nature is said to insatiable for he is never satisfied with what he has and always wants more and more. So in actuality he is ungrateful for what Allah has blessed him with. For instance don’t we take our freedom for granted? Every day we complain about what our country lacks, but would we rather be in Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq or Syria? Places where you can’t live according to your wishes, where you don’t know what will happen to you the next second, where the past is best forgotten and the future is on stake.

And if we take a good look around us, then we will see that there are so many who are underprivileged. On the roadside you will see scores of Afghani refugees with their dirty faces and thread bare clothes. In the bazaar you will come across child beggars, selling something or poking in the rubbish heap to find something to eat because many a times they don’t get even a single decent meal during the day. While most of us who have food, clean water, clothes, gas, electricity and countless other comforts, still we think it’s not enough and focus on what we don’t have and how to acquire it.

Now Allah has blessed us with five senses, i.e. the sense of hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. But if He were to take just one away, what would we do then? Sometimes I wish I had beautiful green eyes, or one of my friend’s was grumbling about having irregular shaped ears. But then I wonder what if I had beautiful green eyes yet I had no sight? Or my friend had ears of her liking but she could not hear? Sheikh Saadi who was one of our well-known writers traveled a lot and had the honor of performing Hajj 14 times on foot. In those days writer’s had a very meager pay, which is why at one time he could not even afford to buy a pair of slippers and had to journey bare footed. Very despaired at this situation he complained to Allah, but after a little while when he arrived at the Mosque of Kofay, he saw a man who had no feet at all! At that moment he raised his hands towards heaven and thanked Allah for His blessings.

There can be no doubt that if it was up to us then everyone would have wanted to be born rich and healthy, in a perfect family leading a perfect life. And though it’s not our fault that people are born poor, disabled or sick, but then it is not their fault either. So those of us who have been bestowed with goodness in life should be grateful for what we have. Furthermore it is definitely our religious and moral duty to be considerate towards those who are not as fortunate!



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